Ep.7 – Michael Kennedy from talkpythontome will talk python to us [ENG]

Questa é una puntata speciale, avremo un ospite straniero e abbiamo deciso di farla in inglese, dopo l’introduzione classica in italiano. Speriamo che la cosa sia di vostro gradimento, visto lo spessore dell’ospite.

Aspettiamo il vostro feedback, in caso di molte richieste potremmo anche pensare a un doppiaggio. Buon divertimento!

This episode is in English, after the intro in italian (skip to 1’30”).


We start a series dedicated to great guests. We already had Michelangelo Guarise from Volumio and UDOO on episode 4 (we still have code for 10% UDOO off and free shipping, ask us!), this time we are proud to have Michael Kennedy, from the great podcast talkpythontome. If you like python

Michael is an author, an instructor, and conference speaker. He has taught over 100 week-long training courses to professional software development teams throughout the world. He is an expert in Python, .NET, and MongoDB among other technologies. He has been building commercial applications with for 15+ years. He is a member of the MongoDB Inc.’s MongoDB Masters community. He is enthusiast in the Python community and the host of the Talk Python To Me podcast.

We had a really nice chat with Michael, some question are listed here, listen to the show for the answer to life the universe and everything (hint: 42).

  • Why do you start your podcast Talk Python To Me?
  • Why python is becoming so popular?
  • When to use python or not?
  • Which are your favourite use of python and/or packages :
    • passlib : managing user password,
    • py2app : standalone application in Mac.
    • scipy stack, ipython 3.
  • Your favourite texteditor (for python or not).
    • PyCharm (license € 99+VAT for single developer)
    • Brackets / nodejs (open source)

Some open topics (we like small talk 🙂 :

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Ep.7 - Michael Kennedy from talkpythontome will talk python to us [ENG]